My time at the Times-Delphic

I started writing for the Times-Delphic at Drake University starting in February 2023. I originally started out as a contributing writer, with my first piece being a commentary about why Valentine’s Day isn’t all it’s hyped up to be. While I thought it was a good article, I knew that I could do more.

For my next few articles, I decided to focus on what I was most passionate about and what I knew I could write about well: Baseball. My first article was about Spring Training just starting for both MLB players and prospects in MLB organizations. I really liked how I was able to go into detail on some new rules coming to Major League Baseball in 2023, including the pitch clock, as well as talking about the World Baseball Classic beginning. I ended up writing about baseball more often, but I also began to expand my roles as a staff writer at the Times-Delphic by focusing on Drake sports as well. Both the Drake men’s and women’s teams made March Madness in the same year for the first time in school history. I was able to cover their games in the tournament when the men’s team took on the Miami Hurricanes and when the women’s team took on the Louisville Cardinals, with both games unfortunately resulting in a loss for Drake.

While I do enjoy writing about sports, I have written about other topics, including politics. Back in February, South Carolina Senator, Tim Scott, visited Drake to give a speech as he toured across multiple different states. I had the privilege of covering the speech and writing the story that ended up making the front page on the next issue on the Times-Delphic. Scott talked about how we need new leaders, and criticized democrats on a number of issues, including inflation and education. While Scott never explicitly said it, his speech echoed that of a typical presidential campaign speech.

Another section I enjoy writing is in the commentary section, mainly reviewing the new episodes of Ted Lasso. Season 3 premiered on March 15th after nearly an 18 month wait and I asked to take charge on the reviews of the new episodes as they were released week by week. The first two episodes have been quite enjoyable and my first commentary on season 3 highlighted the first episode, including a couple of subtle symbols that viewers may have missed their first time around, and some significant story lines that may lie ahead in season 3.

My time writing at the Times-Delphic has been nothing short of a blast and I love that I’ve been able to show off my passion in writing and share with others.

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